Warm Stuffed Zucchini Cups; the festival dinner — 4 Comments

  1. I’m in the ‘leave it in someone’s car’ boat with my cukes. I’m picking 8 – 10 a day and they’re not small. And there are hundreds of 2-3 inch ones still coming on. I’ve never had a cucumber crop like this. I also have hundreds of tomatoes, but they’re all green. All. Green. I managed to find one today that was sort of red.

    We’re in the midst of our Milford Memories celebration. It started yesterday and goes through Sunday evening. The road is closed and then filled with vendors and food tents and entertainment and…I don’t go. There’s nowhere to park and an almost 10 mile walk is not conducive to then walking around to look at everything. :/

    • Lots and lots of cucumber salads…. or hamburger pickles or mustard pickles or refrigerator pickles….
      My tomatoes are the same The plants are starting to collapse from the weight but all green…
      Too bad about the festival. We used to try for later in the afternoon when the early people were leaving lol