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Can Meal Kits Actually Offer Great Tasting Food? — 4 Comments

  1. I’ve talked about the meal kits/diet kits before so the one thing I will say about this, at least here in the US is, you can’t necessarily leave out those things you either don’t like or can’t, for whatever reason, eat. I tried Blue Apron at one point. I choose not to eat peppers because they tear me to pieces, sometimes for days and the skins can irritate my already constantly irritated IBD. Unfortunately, everything they offered, every entre had some type of pepper in it. I could either make the meals without the peppers or make them and have a sandwich while hubs ate. We stopped them after a month. It just wasn’t worth the money to discard part of the kit almost every time.

    • How strange that they wouldn’t have had a greater variety. We love peppers, and eat a lot of them but still never more than 1, possibly 2 per week…. and many weeks none. One can get too much of anything – except tomatoes….