Simple Chard Gratin; the potager — 3 Comments

  1. Your garden still looks great!

    My garden is slowing down.


    I have 20+ pounds of tomatoes on the counter and have to pick more tomorrow. There are hundreds of cukes about the size of my thumb that are going strong and growing. All of the peppers I planted, except for the green peppers, are producing mass amounts and I’m going to end up pulling my dill tomorrow because it’s finally getting woody.

    It’s staying cooler during the day and I really can’t remember my garden doing well past the end of August in years past, but boy howdie, it is this year!

    • I’ve started harvesting some of the winter squashes – the older ones, Maybe that will help the newer ons ripen. It’s been lovely and cool here this week. I’m ready to pull the tomatoes, though as my freezer s full lol