Skillet Chard with Feta & Olives; Feta — 6 Comments

  1. I grew up with chard (known as silver beet where I come from). I like it better than spinach (yes, I’m a leaf not a stem sorta person). My French friends are horrified that I put the stems in the compost.

    • I really love the rainbow chard – and I use the stems, but they’re so thin it’s fine. I pass on the traditional French chard… Although I admit I’ve never tried it. Maybe I should. Or not…. I like leaves / greens

  2. Hi Katie,
    We eat chard quite often here in SoCal, and all varieties are available year round. We tried to eat kale during the kale craze, but it’s not to our taste so we gave up on it. We prefer spinach and chard. I like the Mediterranean twist on your recipe so I will be making this. Thanks.

    • You’re most welcome. I could keep our chard growing all winter here – but by that time I’m ready to switch to spinach. 7 months of gardening is enough for me lol The stores are very seasonal so no chard in winter to buy, either