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Why Gluten-Free Is Here to Stay — 4 Comments

  1. One of the girls Thing 2 skated with was a celiac sufferer. Bad. She was a gluten free kid. And she was a stick due to the constant exertions of skating and the inability to eat most of the carbs to boost her energy. And then, I have a friend who swears she must have something wrong with her because she feels “way better” when she doesn’t eat gluten. And then she tells me what she’s had for dinner and half of it is gluten. :/

    There are things I choose not to eat because I don’t like them. Then there are things I don’t eat because they’re not good for my digestive tract. I had a diverticulitis attack in June which I suspect came from eating those things that aren’t a good idea for me because of my diverticula. I am not however, allergic and people who use the ‘allergic’ excuse to not eat things they don’t like or just don’t want to eat, irritate me. And you’re right, they do a disservice to those of us who have legitimate reasons why there are things we can’t or don’t eat. I happen to like gluten. I like bread and pasta and unfortunately a lot of other foods that are gluten. I choose to limit those foods in my diet though because if I even look at them across the room, five pounds of weight immediately jump on me and won’t leave. It’s got nothing to do with how I feel if I do or don’t eat gluten though.

    • Really, if you don’t want to eat something don’t eat it. Don’t lie about the reason. I always ask people if there is something they ‘prefer not to eat’ when I invite them to our house. They don’t need to give me a reason – I don’t care. I rarely eat fast food because I feel sluggish and blah afterward – which is a good thing lol

  2. Gluten free options (but boring ones) were available at the four chain type hotels I just stayed at in four Baltic countries but I thought that pretty progressive !!