Barley with Creamy Mushrooms; Rome — 6 Comments

  1. I think it’s an amazing thing that the people of Europe can walk, sometimes literally, in the footsteps of people from 1,000 years ago. And most think nothing of it. While I’m also fascinated by our history here, it’s not quite the same thing.

    And I love barley! I’ll definitely be making this dish!

    • We get a quick-cooking barley that only takes about 15 minutes. The regular pearl barley takes almost an hour – great for soup, but not every day.

  2. I would complain that there wasn’t enough too. Becasue j’adore orzotto! (Or should I be saying, “Adoro orzotto”??)

    I did not know that the Trevi fountain was the front of a building! And the chariot course looks decidedly terrifying – especially if you think of a stray chariot/charioteer/horse madly rattling crazily towards you as you’re sitting in style on the bank with your picnic lunch observing the race.

    • I had these visions from Ben Hur of a huge chariot course so this looked small. In retrospect, of course, it was huge lol. Modern eyes and all that.