Bread Baking Babes practice their A, B, C’s — 10 Comments

    • I made an apple crisp (crumble to the Brits) lol. Not familiar with pommeau but it sounds delicious – and more my style as Calvados is (as expected) quite strong.

  1. Some of us didn’t quite finish our A, B, C’s. But when I see the comment above about “Pommeau”, I’m thinking maybe I do need to get some Calvados after all. Because, while locally made cider (as in fizzy, alcoholic) is not nearly as good as French cider, locally made soft cider is really really good. I bet it would be even more thrilling with Calvados added to it.

    Apples really are the best, aren’t they?

    Thank you for this lovely look at all the apple breads. Seeing them here is making me realize that I may neeeeeeeed (knead??) to make more apple bread!

  2. Wow, looking at them all together, you might think it was different recipes! That’s what’s so great about the Babes, everyone having their own take on a recipe. Judy made a loaf that looks like cinnamon apples in the middle. I need to make more!

  3. Again you make us look so good! Oh my that pommeau does sound good but since I couldn’t find calvados I doubt I could find pommeau here either.