Chicken Mushroom Chowder; the Forum — 5 Comments

  1. This soup will be going into my winter rotation! LOVE shrooms. Absolutely love them. I do keep a couple cans in the pantry for those times when I need to whip up something quick. Normally, I plan out my week and then will buy shrooms because they don’t keep forever.

    A little side note on the shrooms…the grocery I shop at (big grocery based in Grand Rapids, MI *hint*) used to charge $1.49 for a half pound of cremini shrooms. Then someone in their marketing department decided to slap an “organic” sticker on them and raise the price by $1 per half pound! The stupid part is, probably not many people realize all shrooms are organic! They’re a fungus. They won’t grow in anything other than organic material. If you don’t keep them organic, they die. *sigh* So now, they get almost twice as much as they used to because of the little sticker on the package. 🙁

    The pictures are fabulous! And what a beautiful day you enjoyed.

    • Marketing – a wondrous con isn’t it? Whenever I find slugs or snails on my non-organic produce I just laugh and pay the lower price. They don’t live unless they’re on organic produce either.
      I do the same – plan their use then buy.

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