6 Things to Know About Growing Tomatoes — 7 Comments

  1. I cut back to three plants this year and still had way more than we could possibly do anything with. Anything. The freezer is full, the canning racks are full…but next year, I’ll do two heirloom and one roma.

    I never use pesticides on mine. And they get watered every day.

    • I had my usual 15 but 3 turned out to be cherry tomatoes, obviously mislabeled, so they don’t count lol
      You water every day?!? I couldn’t possibly. When it’s above 90F I water every 2 days, otherwise every 3

    • I have to water every day in the summer. If I don’t, I can watch them wilt before my eyes :/

        • We do. All of this area used to be farm land. Also, I ended up doing raised beds because it was just easier and I can add nutrients with little difficulty that way.