Rice Florentine; Tangier Walks — 4 Comments

  1. That view is spectacular!

    And that rice dish looks absolutely delicious. I love rice. And spinach. Last night, we had creamy spinach, sausage and tortellini soup. I thought I’d bought a regular package of fresh spinach (I do keep frozen on hand, but wanted fresh in this) but little did I realize until I tossed in two big handfuls, it was half spinach, half arugula. It was surprisingly good, but not something I’d do again. I like the purism of the spinach, I guess.

    • I get half spinach and half lamb’s lettuce sometimes for salads – but not for soup lol Frozen spinach and frozen peas are in my freezer for winter. Other than that it’s butternut squash…. The peas go into stir-fries.