Turkey, Leek and Spinach Spaghetti; more blue — 4 Comments

  1. Luckily the Instagrammers have not become obsessed with the Loire Valley. I occasionally see young women dressed in flouncy floor length dresses, accompanied by their boyfriend with tripod in hand, at Chenonceau, but not very often.

  2. I usually add spinach to our nightly salads. I also toss it in a lot of the soups I make.

    I think those young people are very sad. They’ll never know the value of a great photo. I have a picture of my inlaws that was taken at some function they went to. There was a person taking photos of the attendees and approached my inlaws. My father in law grabbed my mother in law and twirled her toward the camera just as the photographer clicked the shutter. It’s the very best picture of them ever taken and near and dear to me. I don’t like instagram. No spontaneity.

    • It’s the sneaky photos that are the best. Even if someone tells you the second before they hit the button, But when they dress for it and pose for it – Too much vanity for me. And so fake.