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7 Delightfully Rich Espresso Drink Recipes — 4 Comments

  1. Starbucks has closed all but a couple of it’s stores in Melbourne as it’s a city of coffee snobs and purists who don’t want all those sugary syrups added to their brew

    • They use syrups?!? I’m surprised there are any in Europe if that;s the case – other than people trying to be ‘current’. We have such good coffee – why mess with it? lol

  2. I like my coffee black. And just coffee. Nothing fancy.

    You’re not missing anything by not going into a Starbucks. Their coffee tastes like it’s been burned on the hotplate for hours. Can’t stand the stuff.

    • I’ve always been grateful for our good coffee here. I remember the horrid drip office coffee that say on the burner for hours….. Maybe that’s the taste they’re aiming for?