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Beef Pie, Mashed Potato Topping; local flooding — 12 Comments

  1. It’s been snowing off and on all day here. Mostly in squalls that have caused a few whiteout conditions. One of our main N/S roads, US23, had a bunch of spinouts this morning.

    Since hubs doesn’t like lamp, my shepherd’s pie is made with leftover pork and the drippings from the pan. It’s pretty yummy 🙂

    • That is too bad… Still, pork pie is pretty tasty. I never had lamb until I met my hubs. My family would never eat it. Deer, squirrel, duck, pheasant, rabbit…. all okay, but not lamb lol

  2. When we set off yesterday, the Dronne had flooded so the road to the north was closed, the roads to the east, one was flooded, the other one is closed because of road works and the remaining roads out are narrow, winding ones through Le Foret de Double – we saw one car neatly parked across a ditch! At least our power was only off briefly last week.

    • We don’t discuss power here…. I’m just grateful I bought the giant size box of candles this year. And I’m grateful our house is on a hill…..

  3. We went up to Tours yesterday and discovered that the next valley to us is one big shallow lake! Everyone is more or less happy though, because it will eventually seep down and refill the aquifers. A lot of people here have wells which were getting very low.

    I’ve never heard of a St Stephen’s pie, nor the Sheperdhess pie (but I like the idea). The insistance on the shepherd/cottage distinction I think is a nitpicking mid-20C thing that really gained steam in the 80s or 90s. I don’t remember anyone caring when I was a kid (in the 60s and 70s).

    • All the wells and farm ponds are full to overflowing here. I have no idea where the spring rains will go. More flooding I would guess. The aquifers were a bit low here, but not any longer lol
      I blame the pie distinction on the self-appointed food police

  4. I did not know about all those name rules! And here I have been incorrectly calling any meat casserole dish topped with mashed potatoes “shepherd’s pie”! (I confess that I have a horror of the dish being made with Sunday’s leftover roast – Mum used to roast beef until there wasn’t even a hint of pink in the center. Her shepherd’s, errrm, sorry… cottage pie was dry dry dry dry. It makes me cough just thinking of it. (Otherwise, Mum’s cooking was quite decent.)

    So sorry to hear about all the flooding! That can’t be fun.