Bread Baking Babes celebrate with Kringle — 6 Comments

  1. When I was young, my dad had great friends who we would regularly spend time with. She was from Denmark and I always found her fascinating. She made this every year for Christmas but used so much almond extract, it was impossible for me to like it. My parents devoured it though so I imagine it’s my taste buds rather than theirs.

  2. Thanks for the round up Katie! Wonderful job as usual. I would be proud if my state had this pastry as it’s state pastry, but in California I doubt we even have a state pastry…too ‘healthy’ for that.

  3. How remarkable that there are official state pastries!

    A bit fussy?? For me, it was way more complicated than puff pastry!

    It’s a good thing that I was late with my entry. The other Babes’ kringles are much more beautiful than the one I made! But Cathy’s deserves to be included. It’s also gorgeous. Her little pastry puffs that she made with extra dough are lovely too.