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Five Safety Tips for the Kitchen — 5 Comments

  1. A dull knife can be lethal. Mine are always nice and sharp. I home sharpen between times that I take them to the man down the street that does a spectacular job.

    Never grab for a falling knife.
    Never grab the rack in the oven, if if you did just turn the oven on.
    Never boil water in the microwave without having something to break the surface…

    I have more!

    • Mine need to go to the sharpener, too. Shame on me for neglecting them. Never understood the deal with water – I put coffee in it all the time. But then I’m not trying to boil it….

  2. Always unplug the toaster when trying to get out the bread that is stuck….

    Aerosol can?? Microwave oven??? What are those?

    Sharp knives are WAY safer than blunt knives. I had to get 4.5 stitches on my thumb because of a dull knife at my parents-in-law’s house (only 4.5 because by thumbnail stopped the knife from continuing). The cut would never have happened if the knife had been sharpened properly!