Happy Holidays – whatever you celebrate.

We still don’t have internet.

I am still using my phone as a hotspot.

Someone from the phone company stopped by this morning. I got excited and ran out to see if he was here to do the repairs,….

He laughed at me.


He told me that there were a lot of problems all over and he had just come by to see what was needed. What’s needed is the big trucks with the cherry-pickers and new cables and no way would it be done until Thursday at the earliest, More likely it would be next week.

And it probably can’t be done anyway until the electric company finishes their work which won’t be anytime soon because they have a lot of more critical things to fix first.

He laughed again…..

I laughed with him.

Really, what else can one do?

Relax, enjoy the fire, the candles, the wine, be grateful for electricity, pet the dog, read a book…..

With that thought…..

  Merry Christmas

 Happy Holidays

Bonne Fêtes

Bon Nadal

                 Joyeux Noël
 Feliz Navidad
Froehliche Weihnachten

Mele Kalikimaka

Have I missed any?


Happy Festivus

Happy Hanukkah

Merry Yule

Happy Kwanzaa

Good Solstice

However you say it and whatever you celebrate…..

Have a wonderful Holiday Season 

5 thoughts on “Happy Holidays – whatever you celebrate.”

  1. Merry Christmas, Katie. I rather envy your no electricity for Christmas. When the eastern US lost electricity several years ago, we had four of the quietest days ever. It was pretty wonderful, all things considered.

    • It’s happening often enough here lately that I’m planning things to do (reading a book). There are benefits to forced relaxation lol
      Hope your holidays were wonderful

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