Shrimp and Orzo, Greek Style; Christmas market — 5 Comments

  1. Ducks, Santas, who cares? I too loved that game and I would have played just for the fun of it!

    I’d like to find orzo that looks like that. All of what I have available here is very tiny and falls apart in a heartbeat if I don’t watch it like a hawk. And turns to mush.

    • I was very tempted…. but the stall owner wasn’t there so I didn’t embarrass myself lol
      Strange about your orzo. This cooks like one would expect – 9 minutes, I think and stays al dente
      Sometimes the wrong things are perfect lol

    • They were popular in the US when I was a kid – but only by the ‘young folks’ My mother was appalled. Who knows, they may be popular again. But that green was scary….