Beef in White Wine, Slow Cooker; the bright side — 4 Comments

  1. Have you tried a probiotic or something similar to Kaopectate for her problems? Sometimes feeding a b.r.a.t. diet for a few days can help a lot too. Beef or chicken mixed with rice or sweet potatoes, no seasoning, no oils, just boiled, shredded and blended. A little at a time to start.

    And I’m sorry she’s having problems. 🙁

    I’m glad you’ve found a decent butcher! We have one that’s roughly 40 minutes from me so I don’t go often and right now, hubs is on a mail order diet that shall not be named, so I’m not really cooking. But when I do, I go once a month and then vacuum pack everything. They have some nice meat bundles too. The two places closer to me are too expensive to shop at.

    • So far we’ve been happy with everything we’ve gotten there.
      Guapa is back to her self… she doesn’t like rice but loves butternut squash, Biggest problem was not giving her the daily rawhide chewy. She just sat and stared at us.