Goulash Soup; sunsets — 4 Comments

  1. Happy New Year!

    I am a midwesterner. I make goulash. Except for the elbows and diced tomatoes, it’s far removed from the ground beef/elbows/tomato soup. I also don’t use ground beef. I use bulk breakfast sausage. But that’s for another time.

    That sunset is gorgeous! I’ve had that same color wash happen at certain times of the day when I use the flash. I try never to use the flash or I put it on auto. Often if it’s on auto, it won’t go off when I’m taking a picture like your first one. But it’s a crap shoot.

    • Some day, when I have time, I’m going to get out the book and do some serious playing (sic) with my camera.
      My mother got very brave once and put a tiny bit of chopped green pepper in her goulash…. Do they still make Creamettes?