Natural Digestive Aids

My mother always told us to eat ‘roughage’ .

Is that word even used anymore?

She wouldn’t have used the word ‘fiber’….. A fiber was something in fabric, not something one ate.

She never really explained what roughage was – except when she occasionally ate shredded wheat for breakfast. The rest of us wouldn’t touch it…. Even after she explained the health benefits.

I was happy with my daily apple (Remember – an apple a day keeps the doctor away).

If the ads we see on TV are any indication a lot of people suffer from digestive disorders. If / when that happens to me I much prefer a natural solution than one I buy at the pharmacy.

Read on for some interesting information on natural remedies.

5 Natural Digestive Aids .

When it comes to digesting your food, it isn’t just the stomach that does the work. There are so many organs involved with breaking your food down, starting in your mouth with your salivary glands and ending in the large intestine, before being expelled out the other end.

And along the way, sometimes your body needs a little extra assistance to help it to break down the food you’ve consumed. Which is where digestive aids come into play.

But you don’t always want (or need) medical assistance. Sometimes the natural methods are the best ways to help soothe an upset digestive tract. And nothing is more natural than the digestive aids included in our list.

1. Pineapple

If you’ve ever wondered why your pineapple jelly won’t set and becomes wobbly, it’s because pineapples contain digestive enzymes called bromelain.

These enzymes help break protein down into amino acids, which aids your ability to absorb the protein to draw maximum benefit from it.

2. Mango

This fruit is another superb digestive aid as it is packed full of the digestive enzyme amylase, which helps your body break carbs down into sugars. The longer the fruit is left to ripen, the more active the amylase enzymes are. So next time your mango looks like it’s on the turn, that is the best time to eat it.

3. Honey

Honey is just one of life’s miracle ingredients. This oh so simple sugar has so many benefits, not least its digestive enzymes. Not enzyme singular. Enzymes plural. Honey has diastase, amylase, invertase and protease. Just make sure the honey you eat is raw if you want to extract maximum gain from it as the heavily processed mass produced honey has had all the goodness stripped out of it when it’s pasteurized.

4. Beeman’s gum

This perennial favorite has been around since the late 19th century and is a chewing gum like no other.

Invented by a physician and containing the digestive aid pepsin, this chewing gum quickly established itself as the digestive aid of choice before soaring to dizzy heights as the go-to gum for pilots.

Why pilots? You may ask, quite simply, the gum soothed upset tummies at high altitudes as well as helping ears to pop.

5. Sauerkraut

Can you get a more beneficial food to aid digestion than sauerkraut? Sauerkraut is simply fermented cabbage. It’s during the cabbage fermentation process that digestive enzymes are produced, turning cabbage from a great source of fibre to a probiotic packed full of gut friendly bacteria that will give your existing bacteria a boost.

Make sure to take full advantage of sauerkraut’s digestive properties by eating it raw or unpasteurized, as similar to honey, when sauerkraut is pasteurized the digestive enzymes are killed by the high temperatures.

Natural Digestive Aids

To make sure your digestive tract remains in tip top perfect condition, try to consume a varied diet that contains a selection of digestive aids, as one aid doesn’t provide an ultimate digestive solution. That and they do say that variety is the spice of life.


There’s nothing in that list that I am not totally happy to eat… Including Beemans Gum (chew, not eat). I remember that from when I was very young. That and Black Jack Gum..

Now all I can find is Fresh Mint – how boring.

Just last week we had a mango and red onion salad that was fantastic…. Must get that recipe.

Go forth and eat the good stuff!

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