Pork Chops with Spanish Rice; eating around the world — 5 Comments

  1. I grew up on my maternal grandmother’s Haggis in the US until the FDA got involved and changed the law. Black pudding as well though here, many call it blood sausage but either way, you can’t do that anymore either. I used to have beef tongue and borscht when I would stay with my aunt and uncle in NYC (he was a ‘Russian Jew’) and Steak and Kidney pie at my ‘veddy british’ paternal grandmother’s. I will never eat rabbit or dove though. We’ve had buns as pets. We don’t eat our pets which is why I would make a terrble farmer. Hubs has had alligator though I have not. And the thought of eating squirrel only reminds me of National Lampoon’s Christmas Vacation:

    Clark: [a squirrel is loose in the house] Where is Eddie? He usually eats these goddam things.

    Cousin Catherine Johnson: Not recently, Clark. He read that squirrels were high in cholesterol.


    • I’ve eaten haggis – and was grateful for the Scotch that preceded it lol…. Actually, I liked it. And black pudding is still part of British and Irish breakfasts, and common here as well. And tripe and just about every other bit of any animal.
      Squirrel was very common when I was growing up… anyone and everyone would hunt them. And, for the record, it was hare not rabbit lol Hare is a gourmet treat; rabbit is just rabbit.

  2. Your lunch with your French hunting friend was something you would never come across in Australia. Such a cultural divide when it comes to hunting…enormous amount of veganism in Australia