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Roast Salmon on Bed of Leeks; my Google friends — 6 Comments

  1. We love salmon. It has become my go to fast & easy dish. Google emails yes that’s awesome 👏. You are just more than you give yourself for.

  2. I usually trim the root end off my leeks, slice once lengthwise then fan them a bit and rinse them. It’s so much easier that way than trying to slice them and then rinse them in a strainer. I will definitely be making this one . I love salmon and hubs…I don’t care. I love salmon 🙂

    I guess I must have missed the emails from Google. I’ve gotten those. I don’t like emails from Google…

    • That’s how I do it, too. Never thought about slicing and rinsing…. What a lot of extra work. Mine are rarely dirty, so I’m lucky.
      Half the time the emails tell me I have a problem, when I try to fix it the problem isn’t a problem…. One cannot tell Google that they were wrong.

  3. I will pass this recipe on to my daughter Sally to try out on Posy who at 10 months is quite the gourmet. I saw her chomping into salmon tonight with the odd bit being cast to the waiting CocoPop !!!!!