Savory Beef and Butternut Squash; down the rabbit hole — 6 Comments

  1. My husband dropped a BIG notebook on the remote and suddenly every action we took on the TV was spoken out, very very fast. Took me 20 minutes (once I got the remote away from him) to figure out how to shut it up.

    While searching thru the settings, I found many “reset defaults” for almost every setting. Maybe that will help you next time you decide to “play” with the TV!

    • That is exactly my problem… I do things, undo things and change things without paying close attention as to HOW I’m doing it…. then can’t repeat it lol I hate it when stuff starts talking to me.

  2. Maybe the food bank would like a couple of those squash too? 😉

    I am the ‘techno wiz’ for the family. There’s very little I can’t work through except getting wifi to our barn 200 feet from the house. I’ve been working on it for weeks. Programming the TV was a piece of cake! I will conquer this however. I refuse to give up.

    Good luck with the TV!

    • Most people would get a smart tv (or anything) and think – wow, look at all it can do! I think… Hmmmm if it can do A and B I bet I can make it do C, too so I spend my time trying to get it to do stuff it wasn’t designed to do. Sometimes, I succeed.Good luck with the WiFi lok

  3. I know from volunteering at my local food bank that fresh veg like pumpkins and winter squash are fairly hard to get rid of. It’s a problem because you can’t force them on recipients, but the food bank can’t be seen to throw food out.

  4. The other solution is to find someone with chickens…. Or just resign myself to putting them in my own compost. The French are slowly coming around to eating winter squash, but 10 years ago they were still considered pig food