6 Reasons to Make Cooking Videos — 6 Comments

  1. There’s only one video I’ve watched, probably 20 times now, and that’s on Natasha’s Kitchen on how to make macarons. I’ve never made them and I still haven’t. But I will. I needed to see the basic premise because no one I know has ever made them and my mother was not a cook.

    Everything else in life, I’ve learned through trial and error for the most part. Why should cooking be any different? Amount for a crepe? Try and see what works. Finishing a steak in the oven? See what happens.

    Videos are fine I suppose, for someone who’s never held a knife or spatula, but I’ve been on this earth too long so please, don’t do videos here. I love your format the way it is.

    • No worry about me starting them…. I spend too much time on all this as it is lol. I have a French friend who makes macarons all the time. I’ve never watched… I’ll let her do it 😉

  2. I can’t even stand the idea of selfie so a video of myself cooking anything fills me with horror

  3. I love watching cooking videos! I especially like the ones that are clearly done by non-professionals who are obviously really good cooks.

    We have made a couple of videos. And editing was the biggest chore. It wasn’t insanely difficult to do, but it’s almost insanely difficult to do well without spending hours and hours.

    (Our biggest challenge was matching sound to video – because our camera isn’t advanced enough to include sound. We used an MP3 player to record the sound while videoing with our ancient – by internet standards – digital camera)

    • Wow, you are ambitious! I wouldn’t have the patience. I have watched knitting videos when I run into a problem and cooking videos for a technique I’m not familiar with but normally I avoid them faithfully.