6 Reasons to Make Cooking Videos

Along with refusing to have 50 photos for every recipe I have not succumbed to the allure of making videos of myself chopping an onion.

To be honest, I have not even given it serious thought. If you look through my many photo albums of travels and life you will see very few photos of me. I’m not camera shy – I just don’t bother.

There are no selfies on Instagram, either.

On the other hand, I am the custodian of my mother’s recipes. I’m regularly being asked for ‘Grandma’s potato salad’ or Grandma’s lemon cookie recipe’ by my nieces and great-nieces. At Christmas it was her Anise Candy. How wonderful it would have been to have made a video of my mother making her famous Anise Candy to show my niece exactly how it was done. (It’s a tricky recipe.)

Here is an article with a few reasons why you (or even me) should consider videos.

6 Great Reasons To Make Cooking Videos For Future Generations

You’re probably reading this because you’re one who enjoys cooking. Because of this passion, there’s surely one recipe or another that you’re an expert in. Also, as you love cooking, it’s almost close to impossible that you haven’t come across cooking videos on the Internet. More likely than not, you may have searched at one time some recipe that you can copy and apply.

In this vein, it might be worth thinking, why not make your own videos, too?  If you’re too shy to share your passion to the world, you can have these videos recorded for your family’s future generations. That way, you get to preserve years-old family traditions and recipes.

What are other great reasons to do so?  Find out more below.

1. People Are Always Drawn To Food

Generations come and go, and technology is always changing and evolving. But, one thing remains: people are always drawn to food. Regardless of age, season, or generation, people need and love food. Hence, if you’re to make any video that you wish would remain relevant despite the passage of time, cooking videos are the way to go.

Your cooking videos are going to stay a hit even with the future generations. You’re sure to have a constant and steady audience. This fact is also why restaurant chefs use recipe videos to market their food ventures, which are a great way to drive diners in. Basically, when making cooking videos, you only got to show that whatever you’re whipping up in front of the lens is, indeed, delicious. That said, click here to learn more about restaurant video marketing and how it can help anyone who is looking to promote their cooking, whether they’re a restaurant or not. 

2. Everyone Needs To Eat

Food is a necessity. Whether you’re making simple cooking videos or gourmet-type ones, you’re sure to have an audience even in the years to come. These people may be a young adult who has just moved out of their parents’ home or a new wife that now has a family to feed.

Whatever the season is in a person’s life, food is a necessity. Thus, your cooking videos will always be a great help for the current as well as future generations. It’s as if you’re the answer to the need of a person to cook something to satiate their hunger.

3. You’ll Be Remembered

When your time has long passed and gone, it’s only through photos, videos, and stories shared that your grandchildren and great-grandchildren will remember you. Over time, your memory will slowly fade away in the lives of generations that pass further. Luckily, through cooking videos, you can be remembered forever.

No, this isn’t just about vanity. But, it’s a remarkable way for you to still be part of the family that you’ve been part of creating. It’s like your grandchildren will always have a taste of your classic spaghetti, which they may copy to share with their own children and grandkids, too. If they’re to watch cooking videos, why not watch those that are made by their family relatives?  By doing so, it’s as if they’re keeping family tradition and ties alive.

4. Keep Classic Dishes Alive

Yes, food is a constant, but the dishes are constantly evolving. Hence, the need to preserve and share classic dishes. When you record yourself cooking the food that your kids love now, they’ll remember the dishes in years to come, even when their food taste preferences have already revolved.

Cream of mushroom soup that your grandparents love?  Grilled fish marinated in a special concoction of herbs and spices?  A secret on how to grill the best chicken?  Barbeque with your family’s secret sauce?  Make videos featuring these scrumptious foodstuff and make them the classic that they are.

5. Preserve The Simplicity Of Cooking

When you shop around for cooking and kitchen tools today, you’ll find that there are so many new technologies that claim to make food taste better or speed up the cooking process. While these promises may be true in some cases, some of these turn out to be merely just useless gadgets you don’t really need at home.

Through making cooking videos with very simple tools and ingredients, you help preserve the simplicity of cooking by sticking only to the essentials. Families don’t need to have all of the expensive cooking gadgets to create great meals. This, you can show through your videos. What matters isn’t that you have that electric chopper, but that you cook with love and passion.


Cooking videos have surged in popularity all over the Internet. Certainly, you’re part of the population that also enjoys watching these videos. But, rather than being just a mere audience, why not record your own cooking videos as well?  No, you don’t need to be an expert. You’re only going to need the cooking techniques and recipes you’ve learned from your family through the years, plus cupfuls of love and passion.

To be honest, one of the reasons I haven’t done a video….I would have to learn how to edit it.

Maybe it’s time.

6 thoughts on “6 Reasons to Make Cooking Videos”

  1. There’s only one video I’ve watched, probably 20 times now, and that’s on Natasha’s Kitchen on how to make macarons. I’ve never made them and I still haven’t. But I will. I needed to see the basic premise because no one I know has ever made them and my mother was not a cook.

    Everything else in life, I’ve learned through trial and error for the most part. Why should cooking be any different? Amount for a crepe? Try and see what works. Finishing a steak in the oven? See what happens.

    Videos are fine I suppose, for someone who’s never held a knife or spatula, but I’ve been on this earth too long so please, don’t do videos here. I love your format the way it is.

    • No worry about me starting them…. I spend too much time on all this as it is lol. I have a French friend who makes macarons all the time. I’ve never watched… I’ll let her do it 😉

  2. I love watching cooking videos! I especially like the ones that are clearly done by non-professionals who are obviously really good cooks.

    We have made a couple of videos. And editing was the biggest chore. It wasn’t insanely difficult to do, but it’s almost insanely difficult to do well without spending hours and hours.

    (Our biggest challenge was matching sound to video – because our camera isn’t advanced enough to include sound. We used an MP3 player to record the sound while videoing with our ancient – by internet standards – digital camera)

    • Wow, you are ambitious! I wouldn’t have the patience. I have watched knitting videos when I run into a problem and cooking videos for a technique I’m not familiar with but normally I avoid them faithfully.

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