Beef Stroganoff; a new address! — 6 Comments

  1. Don’t be surprised if you get a form letter back telling you they don’t accept your documentation. Sort of the way things work.

    I’d have to leave out the tomato paste only because I like a creamy, cream colored stroganoff. This would remind my taste buds too much of something italian and they’d be disappointed. I know. I’m weird.

  2. When we were given numbers a couple of years ago , the maire adjoint came around to show it to us and tell us our road name. However the main discussion was about where we wanted the number to be put. We started using the new address but when the numbers and road signs were installed over a year later it was Route de la….not Rue de la…Post addressed to us ‘Le bourg’ still arrives without a problem. The new address has caused confusion with deliveries because there is the same road name and number in a small town 5km away!

    • It should be such a simple thing…. Supposedly the entire country is doing it so it should be organized. Nothing, however, is easy. One of the ‘must change’ is the carte gris for the car – however the site ‘only accepts 9 digit matriculation numbers. I have never seen a 9 digit number…. They are all 8. Maybe everyone here has an old car lol