Butternut Squash and Walnut Nems; the potager starts — 6 Comments

  1. I think using phyllo and baking them is genius! I’m not a big fried food person so this is an excellent thing to add to my hacks 🙂

    Seeds huh? We’re at 30mph winds and 8 inches of snow and while the snow has pretty much slowed to flurries, the blowing is leaving bare spots in places on the lawn and two foot drifts in others. I think I’ll hold off on the seeds and such for now 😉

    • I hate having to deal with the oil when I’m done – and I would never do it often enough to have a designated ‘fryer’ – which are really popular here.
      Not ready for seeds….. but I have to go with the rest.

  2. I could eat one or three of yout nems right now as I sit shivering waiting for an airport bus

  3. The choice of seeds here, whether for ornamental or edible plants is amazing. At times it is very difficult making a choice and I spend hours deciding what to plant. It is very satisfying being able to grow varieties of vegetables I never considered growing before moving here but also a bit frustrating when I cannot get some I used to grow.