Gluten Free Cereal is for Real!

Why, you might wonder, is there a post on this blog referencing gluten free anything?

Anyone who reads this knows I’m not a fan of fad / popular diets. We eat with the seasons…. everything fresh, as local as possible and nothing processed. I’m careful in the kitchen, exercising portion control before I cook so I don’t have to think about it when the food is ready to eat.

I realize, however, not everyone has that luxury,,,, or wants to bother.

I also realize that more people are discovering they have dietary restrictions and feel healthier if they eliminate certain foods. (I know even more people just think they do because it’s the new big thing but we won’t go there….)

And I’m always interested on reading new info on old topics. One never knows what might be discovered.

So…. if you don’t eat gluten or have wondered if not eating gluten would be good for you here is some info on why you might want to give it up / why you shouldn’t bother giving it up and what to eat if you do.

Guilt and Gluten Free Cereal Is For Real – Check It Out Here!

What if I told you that there was a way for you to keep enjoying your sinful breakfast pleasures and still not cheat on your keto diet?

“No way! To fantasize of such things is just absurd!” Yep, that’s probably how you’ll react. Well, let me tell your carb-deprived self this one thing: This is no fantasy.

That’s right. Someone somewhere has finally had it with the whole “all protein and no carbs rule.” Life is just way too sad if you can’t get a little bit of gluten in your system. It’s the ultimate comfort food. Anything that’s made of gluten products are simply so satisfying in terms of texture and taste. It’s impossible to imagine a world where you can’t ever chew carbs again. Read another person’s perspective about gluten on this article.

Luckily, not all hope is lost since a certain company decided that it had enough of this carb-free nonsense!

Well, not exactly.

If anything, I’d say they found a way around it! Now, it is possible to enjoy the classic breakfast cereal taste you’ve come to love growing up without worrying about gluten. These keto-friendly cereals are packed with the protein you need to keep up with your diet and the flavor that will satisfy your restless craving for carbs!

But before we even tell you more about this scrumptious new delicacy, let’s try to understand why you’re not allowed to eat regular cereal while doing the keto diet anyways.

Why Can’t I Eat Cereal?

Well, if you’re a diligent follower of the keto lifestyle, then you should know the most basic rule: Keep away from carbohydrates. Most cereal products, unfortunately, have grains like wheat as a primary ingredient. Other types of grains are even worse in terms of carbohydrate count. This makes cereal an obvious enemy for anyone who’s doing the ketogenic diet. Good thing there’s MagicSpoon gluten free cereal, though – we’ll let you in on this life-changing secret later.

Another thing that you have to be concerned about regarding cereal products is that they contain gluten. This is a family of proteins often found in grains. When mixed with water, it creates a mixture with a stretchy consistency or what we refer to as dough. Gluten is actually a term derived from “glue” which is what the mixture feels like when combined with H2O.

While most people don’t have a problem processing food that contains gluten, there are those who are intolerant of it. Gluten sensitivity is not too common, but it does happen. A person who suffers from it may experience stomachaches, discomfort, and bloating after eating something that contains the substance. If you’re one such person who suffers from the condition, then you are best advised to stay away from products like bread and cereal. Here are signs that you may be suffering from this condition:

Then again, there’s just something about these types of food that is oddly satisfying. You just can’t say no to them easily even if you know that you have to – especially when they used to be your fave in the past!

This takes me back to what I introduced you to earlier: Gluten-free and Keto-friendly breakfast cereals.

Do Gluten-free and Keto-friendly Cereals Even Taste Good?

You’re probably a bit doubtful when it comes to the taste of these alternative products. After all, it’s not so rare to find cheap-tasting rip-offs that manufacturers try to pass off as the “same as the real thing.” But this time, I’m telling you, certain brands of gluten-free cereals have definitely outdone themselves with the creation of this product. They are not only able to eliminate the factors that make you hate cereal (carbs and gluten); they are also able to retain the same great taste that you love.

Magic spoon, for example, offers breakfast cereals that is just as good (if not better) as those sugary fruit loops you love to eat every day. I’m telling you; the amount of sugar those things contain is beyond what’s imaginable. You’re basically eating sugar cubes if you keep eating those things. No wonder they give you “energy” in the morning. It’s because of all that glucose pumping in your system. Eating high-glucose foods will eventually cause you problems in the future so best be careful!

These keto-friendly cereals are definitely a healthier choice – and they cost just about the same, you know!    

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