Sausage & Pumpkin Quiche; the new PC report — 5 Comments

  1. I have two trusted places I use instructions from and I’ll leave the links here. You can try either one. Geek Unistaller automatically removes those registry entries so you don’t have to, but here they are for your perusal.

    I love quiche, but prefer it without a crust. Most quiche recipes I have are easy to do without. And I love potatoes too, but…carbs.

    • What pissed me off is it messed up the user pathname. I won’t go into my frustration in getting it under control (Uninstalling caused problems) but I am, once again, master of my own computer! Well, except for the newly-discovered clone….

  2. I made this today with Raclette and it was delicious. I even received the coveted Ma Femme Certificate of Satisfaction. So many Internet / TV recipes fail, but this worked perfectly as published. Well… I did reduce the sausage to ~5 oz.