Shrimp in White Wine, Lemon, Caper Sauce; cautious optimism — 8 Comments

  1. Caution is good. Might just be that their portion of the server they’re using is down. But I’m hoping!

    Your shrimp looks absolutely delicious! This is one I’ll be trying for sure. I love lemon. For as much as I say I can’t stand fruit on anything that isn’t a dessert, lemon is the one thing I do use. It brightens dishes, adds a lot of flavor to some…yup this looks so good.

    • I’m with you about the fruit…. Lemon is the only one I allow in anything savory. Can’t imaging adding cherries or peaches to meat lol
      The cloned site is still down…. I’m still cautiously optimistic.

  2. Hopefully they are gone for good.

    This recipe could become one of our favourites as your chicken breasts with lemon, tarragon and capers has. It is a such a fresh summery combination of flavours.

    Spring and Summer are definitely on the way. We had our first sighting of Grues migrating northwards at the end of January and this weekend saw hundreds flying overhead. It is such a lovely sight and sound!

    • I always seem to miss the grus…. I thought i heard a flock the other day but it was a clanking tractor lol
      We have ducks on the pond behind our house, though, so that is a positive sign as well.
      I could fix anything with lemon and capers and we would be happy 😉

  3. You have daffodils blooming?! That’s not fair at all. It snowed again last night – not a lot, but it was still snow and it was below freezing. I think I might need comfort myself with your shrimp in white wine, lemon, caper sauce. (It looks and sounds wonderful.)

    • And hyacinth and the tulips are up….. They’ll bloom if the rabbits leave them alone. To be honest, we rarely get snow, but one of the photos I have is of snow on the daffodils…. Your spring will happen (we assume)

      • Maybe… It was 18C two days ago, but then in the night, it dropped down to -5C!!

        Garlic is sprouting though. And I’ve seen crocusses in other people’s yards.

  4. We love prunes and apricots in a tagine OR preserved lemons and olives. Sour cherries are delicious too. But not with shrimp. Oh my no.

    What about oranges? Or grapefruit? They might work.