Skillet Turkey & Butternut Squash; she’s back — 6 Comments

  1. Good for Guapa. Our Murphy was in a terrible funk for a good year after our red dobe died. He was quiet, wasn’t interested in much, I would take him to doggy day care once a week to get him out and interested, but at 105 pounds, they had to carry him into the back or he refused to go. It broke my heart. Then one day when I took him in, he pranced into the back never checking to see if I was still behind him or not. He plays with his toys again, tries to play with my daughter’s dog when he comes to visit, even tries to play with our cat though all he gets in response is a look of disdain from her.

    Dogs grieve. Just like people do. No one can tell me any different either. I’m glad though that Guapa is getting back to her old self.

    You could always plant the four plants and take your chances, pulling one if they really take off though if you’re anything like me, it sort of feels like assassinating them for doing what their supposed to.

    • It was nice to see her prancing about…. I;m hoping she’ll start wanting to be outside again when the weather dries out. It’s strange tho – she no longer sleeps on her own beds or in her old favorite spots. She’s always where Bonnie used to be and on Bonnie’s bed.
      I can’t pull a plant out once it’s growing well – just can’t do it…. I will over-plant again, as usual lol