What Makes You Like Instant Pot Recipes

I haven’t done it yet.

I’m still thinking about it.

Well, actually, I’m not thinking about it – I’ve decided I’m going to get an Instant pot. It’s just not gong to be this winter.

I’m going to get one because I’m getting bored with my slow cooker and need a new challenge (toy).

It’s not going to be now because I just bought a new computer (not toy) and because it’s almost time to switch to summer cooking.

But I was intrigued by the recipes on the site mentioned below……

Next fall.

What Makes You Like Instant Pot Recipes?

Tasty meals are a weakness of almost all human beings and if the food gets cooked quickly, it can become a real love. Instant pot recipes fulfill both needs simultaneously.

This modern era of technology has made everyone too busy to spend much time cooking or preparing meals or recipes that take a lot of time. The only solution left is to follow the quickest way of preparing tasty recipes. There are online recipe sites like Sliceofgourmet.com that have a section dedicated to instant pot recipes, which are so quick and easy to follow (and they’re tasty too!) Let’s see how:

1. Energy efficient recipes

Instant pots such as pressure cookers are energy conserving electrical appliances for two major reasons.

  • Insulation

The cooking chamber or the inner pot of an instant pot is well insulated, so you never need to consume or waste large amounts of energy to maintain the heat.

  • Fast boiling

Instant pot recipes consume less energy because the instant pot or pressure cooker requires comparatively less water which then boils more rapidly than in traditional pots.

  2. Time saving recipes

All the methods of cooking such as steaming, baking and boiling require more time than what is needed by pressure cooking. Almost 70% of your time and energy can be saved in this way. Plus there are occasions when you need instant cooking because slow or traditional cooking will not get it done in time.

3. Retention of vitamins and other nutrients

Water soluble vitamins and many other healthy nutrients are really sensitive to the traditional way of uneven boiling and steaming. Having lost these vitamins and useful nutrients, the meal is left with minimum nutritional value. On the contrary, instant pots (pressure cookers or other such appliances) always steam, boil and cook deeply and evenly, thus retaining 90% of valuable water soluble vitamins and nutrients.

4. Recipes preserve the appearance and taste of the cooked food

Food in traditional open cooking pots, even with lids, remains in direct exposure to oxygen and heat and, hence, has a chance of the food losing color and flavor. Cooking under uniform pressure and even clouds of steam ensures the colors and phyto-chemicals are retained. Besides, the natural flavors and taste of the meal develops deeply and rapidly due to the airtight design of the instant pots.

5. Elimination of harmful micro-organisms

Boiling water at higher than 100 Centigrade ensures the elimination of harmful microbes instantly and effectively, which is not possible with normal cooking methods. This is really an exceptional ability of pressure cooking. Such hot water can also be used for the sterilization of baby bottles and jars.

Additionally, pressure cooking in instant pots neutralizes naturally occurring toxins in various food items that have been poorly cared for. A typical example is that of a mold-based mycotoxin which may appear when cereals such as rice, wheat, corn or beans are stored in a humid environment. Traditional boiling and steaming have been reported unable to destroy mycotoxin. High pressure cooking is required to overcome such toxic substances.

Thus we can say that instant pot recipes are safe and healthy besides being the protectors of natural taste and colors, for the benefit of their consumers.         

6 thoughts on “What Makes You Like Instant Pot Recipes”

  1. I’ll be interested in seeing what recipes for 2 you find. That’s one of the reasons I haven’t purchased one yet.

  2. I had one. I used it once. The ribs were dry and undercooked weirdly enough. I gave it to my daughter. She doesn’t really use it either. I have a Fagor pressure cooker that I don’t use often, but I do use it, I have a crockpot I use in the winter, everything else gets cooked on the stove. Maybe I’m too old but I just don’t see the need for an instant pot since it’s not really instant. You still have to wait for it to come to pressure (Fagor) then you have to wait for the pressure to drop. You have to add things at different times meaning you have to wait for the pressure to drop, add your things, then wait for the pressure to build before the timer starts again…it really saves NO time at all.

    I can toss everything in the crockpot or make a butt roast in the Fagor and not have to keep starting and stopping and waiting to add. Or I can do it on the stove, like soup, and just let it simmer all day.

    Sorry this is so long. I just don’t get the infatuation.

    • Well…. I’m not looking to save time – more to save effort. I’m getting lazy. And just something new – also getting bored. I bought a new pressure cooker a few years ago…. used it 3 times. It’s actually pretty amazing that I use the slow cooker as much as I do lol

  3. Oddly enough, since I’m not fond of yogurt, Greek yogurt is one thing I make regularly. That’s your influence, Kate! 🙂 I use the whey in place of some of the water in bread, and I think it improves the taste. I also use it a lot to cook beans and rice to freeze in portions I use. I prefer a pressure cooker for larger cuts of meat and much prefer it for vegetables and pasta – never liked how those come out in a slow cooker. I try new recipes a couple times a month at least and have found some keepers – and some that go back to stove-top or oven cooking. I don’t really think of my Instant Pots as much as time savers as I do energy savers, nutrition keepers and meat tenderizers. Wouldn’t be without them!

    • Energy savers – that’s good and I hadn’t thought about it. I eat yogurt every day and it would / will be nice to make my own. And next fall it could be handy for all the winter squashes lol
      Besides, I need a new toy (now that I almost have the new computers sorted)

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