3 Delicious and Easy to Make Meat Meals — 6 Comments

  1. I often save a piece of the pork we buy to cut into steaks and pot roast it like the beef but using a small bottle of cider instead of wine. Chunks of celeriac make a good addition to the vegetable mix
    We made our first sortie to the shops in 10 days and hope we have enough to last for another two weeks. Apart from a lack of white flour, I managed to get everything on my list. There definitely was no shortage of toilet paper!!

    Thank goodness for our garden and plenty to keep us occupied around it and the house. The sunshine helps too.

    • I’m planning on doing an online order and pick it up this week sometime. I haven’t been out in over 2 weeks. We have enough food, etc, for another week – except bread…. And no point in letting my stocks go down to nothing. The sunshine is wonderful and I’ve been getting the potager ready…. Much rather be outside than inside!

  2. These recipes all sound delicious but is there a recipe for that beautiful roast in the photo? I started drooling the moment I saw it. It looks like a perfect Easter roast.

  3. Oh wow that sesame chicken calls my name…will save for my after Corona cooking as buying chicken means entering Carrefour just now .,…