Fried Rice with Brussels Sprouts; self-isolating — 2 Comments

  1. I went with Thing 1 this morning. There were 3, 24packs of water left on the shelves and I did grab one. We’re on a well with an electric pump and if the power goes out, I have no water so I usually keep quit a bit of water on hand anyway, but was getting low. But, no bread, no frozen veggies (much better than canned) I managed a couple bags of frozen fruit and can stew that so that’s good. I order my toilet paper and paper towel from that-which-shall-not-be-named on their subscription service. Even if they run out, I have a giant bag of cotton rags. They’re washable and I have lots of soap.

    All that to say however, I think this is getting blown out of proportion. I don’t believe that anyone who is considered at risk is any more at risk than they would be with the flu, which kills many, many more than this virus does. So I didn’t buy meat or anything else I don’t already have in the freezer or in the pantry, both of which are always well stocked.

    I have a feeling down the road that were going to find people mummified in the midst of their two years worth of toilet paper because they didn’t buy food though. Wouldn’t surprise me at all.

    • I believe that this is much, much more serious than the flu…. the disease itself is more serious. That said…. still no need for that much toilet paper…. I don’t understand hoarding any one thing any way – like the guy with the sanitizers, That worked out well !