How to install a wine cooler under counter

We’ve been collecting wine for years.

Actually, collecting isn’t the right term – we drink it.

I know people that buy it solely for the purpose of reselling it at a later date for a profit. That’s not us.

We do, however, buy in bulk. We have always had a wine cellar. In the U.S. it was an actual cellar, complete with spiders the size of a small car.

I never went down there.

Since we’ve lived in France we’ve kept the wine in the cave…. because every old house has one. That’s where wine has been kept forever.

Twice a year, when the big wine sales are on, I take inventory and do a ‘replenishing’ buy.

Not everyone is lucky (?) enough to live in an old French farmhouse and, if you want to keep a selection of wine on hand, you need to store it properly.

Read on for some tips on how to do that.

How to install a wine cooler under counter?

So, you have quite a collection of wine and you want to make sure that it is stored correctly. For people who love wine, you can’t just place it inside your refrigerator with the rest of the food of the house. They need their very own storage and wine coolers are the perfect ones.

The good news is that wine coolers are not that expensive. Built-in ones are also very compact so you get one even if you have very limited space in your house. If you are planning to install a wine cooler in your house, it is important to follow the tips below. 

  1. Choose the right location – It’s very important that your wine cooler is located in the right place. There are some considerations you need to take in picking the location. First is the temperature. If putting it inside the kitchen, it is best not to place it beside your oven, or dishwasher. Another consideration is light. You should make sure that your wine cooler is not in the path of direct sunlight. The ultraviolet rays from the sun will not be good for your precious wines. The location should also have proper airflow. You cannot just fit it onto any tight space as the cooling system will not work properly without proper airflow. 
  2. Make sure you have the right type of fridge – If you have already chosen the proper location, you can now start looking at the best wine coolers you can buy. Of course, you will need one that will fit into the space you have allotted. It will also depend on how many bottles of wines you would actually like to store. There are big free standing wine coolers you can buy, but you can also buy the compact ones that can be placed under the counter. These are great for those that have limited space in the house. By choosing the under-counter cooler, you can even place it under the stairs if you wish to. 
  3. Ensure the space is prepared properly – To do this, you must ensure there is enough space for both the wine cooler and the for the air to flow freely. Use your tape measure to check that it has ample space for when the doors will be opened. Of course, you will have to make sure there is enough airflow so that the wine will be cooled properly. You will also need to prepare the floor space. If you will be putting the wine cooler on a carpeted floor, put a plastic or metal tray first. Although it would be rare for the wine cooler to leak, there may be condensation that would happen. By placing the plastic or metal tray, you can be assured that there will be no molds forming on your carpet floor. 

Once you finish installing the wine cooler, you can now just relax and enjoy some great wine in the comforts of your own home. 

And you won’t have to hoard in case of a lockdown…..

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