How to Make Espresso Without a Machine — 9 Comments

  1. I think I own the original Nespresso machine…its about as heavy as a fridge…and I love it !

  2. We loved the Moka pot for years, we loved the French press for years … now we have a Breville and it’s so easy and a perfect cup-a. The aero-press I have, I’ve just looked at, have yet to pour water thru beans…

  3. We have a lovely little electric espresso machine – with steam wand – from about 1960. It has a capacity for 4 cups of espresso OR 2 cups of cafe au lait. I love everything about the machine, particularly its name: Vesuviana.

    We also have an Armenian stovetop coffee pot (it looks pretty much like a Turkish stove top coffee pot, except ours has the crest of Armenia stamped on the side). It makes GREAT Eastern-style coffee.

    In the morning, I like cafe au lait, ie: a little darker than corado. On the rare occasions that we have coffee after noon, we like Eastern-style. With no milk, of course.

    • As I said – getting lazy…. Hubs doesn’t care so I would just be doing it for myself. The Senseo is easy – and good and it doesn’t have plastic pods….