Lamb Tagine with Potatoes & Chickpeas; staying home — 8 Comments

  1. I always got a lot more when I got done when I was working. Now the days stretch one into the other and I find myself putting things off. I have a stack of sewing, still sitting. I have an upstairs room to clean out and I’ve had a year to do it. So I get it.

    Probably one of the only things I’ve never used, do you put a tagine on the burner? I thought it went in the oven.

    • I use mine on the cook top – electric glass top. It wouldn’t fit in my oven. In Morocco they use them on stand-alone gas burners.
      I think this lockdown will be a lot longer than anyone thought….

  2. I also see our lockdown time being extended here in Morocco…and so far the days have passed easily and my to do list is untouched !!!

  3. Ahhh – but we have had sunshine and warmth and I bet the pair of you have , like us, made the most of it this week. We are so lucky living in the French countryside. We are on the edge of a village but surrounded by an acre of ground, beyond that fields and in the distance the Double forest. Coupled with internet links to friends, it makes self isolation bearable.

    After nearly four years of not making lists since we arrived here and turning our holiday home into our permanent one, I’ve realized it is the only way I can get ahead with all my tasks . I now have lists- I am not on holiday!

    • I always make lists – and haven’t now. Time just seems to stretch out. Today, I make a list. I have gotten my potager tilled and my tomato seeds planted in pots so I’m not totally worthless lol

  4. I haven’t gotten anything done! I’ve been going out for a daily bike ride (short – it’s still cold here), reading a lot, fooling around on social media, and every so often thinking that I really SHOULD deal with that stack of mending/laundry/pictures-not-yet-on-the-wall/etc. etc. etc. We’re not on complete lockdown (yet) but we are practicing Physical Distancing.

    Like you, we too got our tagine out the other night and made the most spectacular curry. (Eeek!! Do you think the Tagine police will come after us for making an Indian-style curry in our tagine?)

  5. Bike riding is on our ‘no’ list and walking more than a half km…. I start hoeing today, not that the tilling is done. That should give me some good exercise. Spring cleaning is still on the back burner lol