Pork with Balsamic Sauce, Slow Cooker; the lockdown continues — 8 Comments

  1. My kind of recipe!!

    It’s still too cold here to do anything outside and since one day runs into the next for me, I just kind of go with whatever hits me at the time anymore and that’s what I get done. I’ve mentioned before, it was a lot easier to get a lot done when I was working. Now that I have no time crunch…

    • They do run together…. But, as I am not going out to do the shopping I have a menu and list done for 3 weeks…. All a learning curve. I’m messed up now as a rat got into the potatoes lol

  2. Yes drifting through the days here too…but when boredom hits I hit the stairwell for stair runs…7 flights ugh !

  3. Publishing daily helps with the boredom. Happy to read your thoughts. Lockdown or as we are calling it here “stay at home” seems to be working, but for how long can we endure. Stay healthy.