Risi e Bisi; birthdays — 4 Comments

  1. Happy Birthday, Guapa! And happy birthday to brother and nephews. 🙂

    I’ve been making risotto the Serious Eats way so I don’t have to keep stirring. It works just as well. At least for me. 🙂

    Murphy is my blue dobe. He’s a runner so, though we’re on a lot of acreage, he goes out on a run or he’d be out in the road and it’s not busy, but the cars fly. So today, I put him out on his run and sat in a folding chair in the sun. It was only 40 out, but not a cloud in the sky, so it was great. He won’t go out alone because dobes are velcro dogs but even so, I wouldn’t let him out alone anyway. It worked out well for both of us. I’m getting the gardening itch now, but it’s still too cold 🙁

    • I have never done the ‘stir constantly’ bit – a myth perpetuated by the food critics, in my opinion. My garden has been tilled and I can start hoeing and plant the onions. Guapa knows that when I take my water bottle I stay outside – then she comes along for sun time. Otherwise, she ignores me putting my jacket on.