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Beef and Cabbage Lo Mein; the walk continues — 4 Comments

  1. Yes, I remember it – an easy meal when I was too tired to cook. According to Wikipedia, it was discontinued sometime after 1995. There’s a great restaurant near here that has those same great noodles and the chow mein is better. Lots of watching out the window here, too. Stay well.

    • Lucky you to have a great restaurant close by. Our Chinese restaurants are…. French, with things like sweet & sour frog legs, and a large cheese section….
      Stay safe and enjoy your windows 😉

  2. Any ideas on what I could use in place of the sherry? I don’t keep it in the house, neither of us will drink it and in the past when I’ve looked for it, I can only get it in a larger size. I generally will use a burgundy for any red wine needs so since this is your recipe, would that work?

    I like morning smells too though I’ve pretty much forgotten what that is since it was 27 when I got up this morning again. This is getting old…

  3. I would just skip the sherry – you could add a tbs of peanut butter for an extra bit of flavor, if you have it.
    DS and SIL, both in MN sent me Easter photos of 4″ of snow with more on the way….