Beef and Pumpkin Lasagne; Lock Down Shopping — 5 Comments

  1. I shopped that way too up to last Sunday. I only had to wait four days for my order. Oh, and almost four hours for my shopper to pull everything. Thing 1 is a nurse and has volunteered for the COVID unit at her hospital. She’ll get a couple days off this weekend and has kindly offered to go shopping for me, but she’ll be wearing most of her equipment to make sure she stays safe.

    I wish the wait times were only two hours here. The panic buying/hoarding is ridiculous. Just ridiculous.

    • The idea is great,. The store with the week-long wait has most stuff, but not everything. The one with the 2 hour wait is much more limited. It’s in a separate place, not connected to the actual supermarket. I’m learning….. Like the rest of the world

  2. Wow…dream run…nothing like that here ..just my dreams of online shopping !

  3. I discovered I can get a Costco delivery, about 50 miles through instacart, for a $30.00 fee. The prices of the items are surcharged also. The fee goes to the Uber driver. I’m not ready to try it yet but with a few friends to split the fee, its tempting.