Chicken and Cabbage, Balsamic Yogurt Sauce; projects — 4 Comments

  1. I love those projects! I too cannot just sit and watch TV. I have to be doing something else as well.

    I used up a quarter of a giant head of cabbage the other day, the last of what I’d bought two weeks ago. A little butter, some chopped onion and garlic along with a pound of kielbasa or whatever sausage I have in the freezer. I slice the sausage about a quarter inch thick, saute them all together until the sausage gets some crusties on it, take the sausage out, add the cabbage and finish sauteing that until the cabbage is done to my liking. Add the sausage back in to warm, and serve. Love it.

    • My kind of meal…. I love sausage – and cabbage. I haven’t been buying anything fresh as I have no idea what I would get. I miss that, but for now it’s frozen spinach and peas. And dried beans. We make do lol