Linguine with Tuna & Spinach; lock-down projects — 8 Comments

  1. I hate cleaning as well. I get very bored with it after awhile.

    Your recipe looks delicious! I wouldn’t have thought to try this. And I also don’t like ordering fresh veggies if I can help it. Some of them that I’ve gotten when I’ve done a pick up order have been less than…ready for the compost. Makes me wonder if they shop for their own families that way. Frozen veggies are a wonderful thing 🙂

    • I’m very happy with the frozen veggies – and the canned fruit. Ironically, it’s a treat for us to have canned peaches or pears as it’s something I would never normally buy. Childhood memories for both of us. (home-canned, of course). Life is too short to waste cleaning stuff that will be dirty again in seconds. Dogs, mowing grass….

  2. Hey Katie – wow on the fresh veggies/fruits being not to your liking. I know for myself, I have a scale, and just weigh out the potatoes I buy. Because it’s more expensive to buy them individually, I just buy a bag of them, but maybe in France they don’t sell them there like we have in Canada/USA?

    I’ve got sailing friends, from Nova Scotia, currently in lock down off the coast of Martinique. They are at anchor, not allowed to leave their boat except for necessities, and one person at a time. Due to how Martinique is for getting in supplies (we’ve been there before when fuel for cars was limited), currently this couple on their boat, their oven/stove top works on propane … Martinique does not sell that … only butane (ask hubby he’ll explain the difference). They had enough propane to see them through in a normal sailing season, but past few weeks, they have fresh pastries, bread, etc. being delivered by a little boat. They must have $$$ to eat like that, but they do make good food in Martinique as it’s French.

    Okay, that’s about it. I won’t tell your Mum about the tuna or your house cleaning (I am your twin in that area, I start, then get fed up … it’ll get done eventually). Oh and if you’re like us, we’re getting a little Victory Garden going in our backyard, so we can grow our own veggies! Now if only we could grow wheat!!!

    • One of the potatoes in the bag I bought was almost 500gr – way too much for the 2 of us lol. We’re adjusting…. What a challenge to be stuck on a boat with limited resources. At least they (should) have good weather.
      I’ll be glad when my garden starts producing…. at the moment the slugs seem to be enjoying my lettuce seeds and it will be awhile before there are courgette….

  3. Absolutely delicious! Made the exact recipe and it was superb! I will definitely be making this again.Thank you for another great recipe.

  4. Wonders never cease and we now have supermarkets doing home deiveru but like you I like to choose my own fruit and vegetables

    • They say they do home deliveries here – but there is never a time available. I’m happy to pick it all up at the ‘Drive’ Still I don’t trust the fresh stuff