Oatmeal Sandwich Bread; culling cook books, keeping memories — 10 Comments

  1. I had probably close to 20 cookbooks that needed new homes. I couldn’t give One of them away! No one wanted them. And some were actually good books, but alas…interwebs…

    I’m not making bread yet. We’re still able to get that. There seems to be a shortage of yeast most places which makes me wonder why, if there’s bread available, people are having to make their own who, I have a feeling, would Never in a million years have made it otherwise. Go figure.

    • I’m just trying to avoid the bakeries…. None available in the supermarkets. It’s a challenge without the right flour, tho…. I really didn’t need more projects lol

  2. Guessing but I wonder if the “doesn’t hold together “ is dryness from not enough liquid OR cake flour doesn’t have the gluten to glue it together. Still the crumb on this looks excellent. Flour and yeast are in the same category as toilet paper. The world is just weird these days.

  3. Well it looks lovely! I imagine the yogurt would make the crumb especially tender. I think you win for cookbooks! I have two bookcases full but haven’t counted them. And I have been culling, we have a lovely little cookbook library box up by a local co-op grocer where you can bring old cookbooks and cooking magazines to share. Leave some, take some… I had 20 years worth of Taste of Home magazine publications to clear out! It took a couple months, plus leaving some in various waiting rooms. They always disappear after a few weeks! I did pick up a few as well, can’t resist sometimes. But for free, I can always try it out and then keep the one or two recipes I liked and take the book back for someone else to try!

    • I have 2 problems – I live in France and the one I want to get rid of are English…. and no one wants them anyway. At least they can be recycled. It just makes me sad….

  4. I often use yoghurt instead of milk in bread. It’s great, isn’t it? And you bread looks wonderful! Well done, you, for manipulating the recipe so brilliantly!