Pumpkin Gratin with Moroccan Spices; morning walk — 4 Comments

  1. What a lovely home. I think that’s the first time I’ve seen that view.

    Your recipe is the ingredients and then for the instructions, a repeat of the ingredients…

    We had an absolutely gorgeous, beautiful, 70 degree day Wednesday. We got up to snow yesterday and it’s still snowing today. *sigh*

    • I pasted when I should have copied – then I lost the internet before I could fix it…. fixed now lol I remember Easter snows…. not fondly
      As to the house – thank you. The half on the left is barn….

  2. We are lucky enough to have a farm shop just outside the village – it’s only open a couple of afternoons a week but we can get local veg and fresh eggs – they have even started a Drive! We have noticed something disturbing the straw around our strawberries, turns out it is a hedgehog!

    • We have a market shop that I love – I’ll be happy when it opens again, even with limitations. I think we have a hedgehog in a bush in our front garden. The dog runs there every morning, but I think the hedgehog will be safe. She’s curious but not aggressive lol