Tuna Feta Tart, spring — 2 Comments

  1. The flowers are gorgeous! It was 31F this morning. I really need warm.

    I walked around my little raised garden bed yesterday to discover that I have three or four volunteer onions that I didn’t pull last year because I thought they hadn’t grown. They’re growing now in spite of the freezing temps every night. I fear I will never get anything in the ground this year though.

    Other than that, I make little tarts like this all the time. I just toss whatever I have on hand, usually trying to use up the leftovers in the fridge on top of some puff pastry brushed with some kind of pesto. Makes for a lovely, light dinner.

    • I’m usually pretty creative with leftovers – now even more so. I’ve never weighed carrots. I just buy what I want for a week or 2. I ordered a 2 kilo bag online thinking that would give me enough for a few weeks. Turns out that is a lot of carrots. We’re going to be creative with carrots now lol