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Adult Cheeseburgers; Mushrooms & Goat Cheese — 2 Comments

  1. They look delicious, but I had to click on the blank area where the picture would normally be to get it to open in a tab of its own so I could see it. I’m not sure if you’re still playing, but thought I’d let you know.

    When my girls were first starting solid food, which started early since they were on whole milk at 6 mos and soft foods closely after, I didn’t buy baby food. In part, because I couldn’t afford it but also, I had knives and great skills and could chop just about anything to almost a puree. So they ate the same dinner we had. And eat it, they did. There’s one thing they each won’t eat. I’d say out of all the foods we’ve had, one each isn’t a bad record. 🙂

    • Still playing – still arguing with tech people. Getting close, though. Maybe another week. I think I fixed that issue. It was a new feature in my optimizer program. Obviously needs work.
      I feel sad for kids that were allowed only bland food. They never seem to grow out of it and end up missing out on so many wonderful things.