Bean and Roasted Pepper Salad; blog re-design — 10 Comments

  1. Yours is the ONLY food blog I read ALL THE TIME. even when I do recipe searches I am frustrated by how hard it is to read and then print the recipe. And don’t get me started on the videos and the step-by-step pictures between the steps.

    Keep up the good work!!!

    • You don’t want me to show you a picture of an onion before and after chopping? lol. We’d never eat if I did all that.
      Thanks…. I like simple and easy, too

  2. I like the concise presentation…no need to scroll for 5 minutes before locating the actual ingredient list and method.

    • I have left more blogs than not when looking for something and can’t get to the recipe. I’m usually looking for a sweet recipe, Some don’t ever give the recipe – just the photos !

  3. Omg! I have been following you for years Katie! It’s the recipes that count! As to “other” food blogs you have to keep on scrolling to get to the recipes, which is so not necessary. The reader does not need to see all the ingredients chopped up. It’s boring and time consuming. If I were you I would not change a thing! I love reading your updates about you, France, and (since I’m a voracious reader as well,) your book recommendations! BTW I just made your chicken aioli recipe last night, I’m serving this salad tonight with the leftovers tonight ! And if you have any new chicken breast recipes, please share!
    Your faithful follower Stacy

    • Thanks, Stacy. Obviously someone likes seeing photos of how to peel an onion as so many bloggers do that…. I just get frustrated lol. I’ll work on getting more creative with chicken breasts – which we eat at least twice a week 😉

  4. I’ve been following you forever, it seems. I don’t make every recipe you have, but I make a lot of them. What I’ve always loved and continued to come back for is the ease with finding the recipe of the post, that little slice of your day because…ex-pat! And just the overall feeling I get here. I’m so glad the changes, which are nicely done by the way, don’t include pictures of every step of the process. You know, open the can, drain the can, pour the can into a bowl…you get the idea 😉

    That said, I have chives coming out my ears! They’re everywhere and even though I use them and deadhead the flowers, holy chives! But, I don’t keep peppers of any kind. I do keep sun dried tomatoes. Do you think they’d work well in this? And what is the, I’m guessing, cheese that you used as a garnish? Or did I miss that?

  5. Sun-dried tomatoes, which I never seem to have, would work very well. Those are slices of little goat cheese logs that I ordered by mistake. Not much use for them other than as garnish or snacking. I had big ideas for changes, but, as usual, didn’t like any of them when it came down to doing it. The biggest issue was to get it working better on phones, which I think I did. I’m done now.

  6. Will your blog be continued? with the menu plans? I have tried to access it today and my computer warns me it is suspiicious, and may be trying to steal my private information. I enjoy and have cooked recipes from all three of your blogs… Thank you.

    • Sorry it took so long to respond – your comment ended up in spam and I have no idea why. There was a glitch with the blog security certificate. The host didn’t recognize that I had renewed it. It’s fixed now and back to normal. I’m not quitting 😉 I’m glad you like the recipes and menus..