Chicken and Spinach Pasta; planning and the potager — 4 Comments

  1. When we replace our current freezer, I’ll buy an upright. I like the efficiency of the chest freezer better in that you don’t ‘lose’ the cold much every time you open the door. But I also can’t find anything because it always ends up buried at the bottom. What I’d really like to do is keep the chest freezer for a side of beef and use an upright for everything else but I don’t want two freezers right now.

    Your dish looks excellent. One of those ‘toss this and that in’ recipes. 🙂

    It’s still way too cold to plant. We’re supposed to have snow again tomorrow.

    • I would get another upright. The one we have is small, but big enough normally. It’s also old, so I’m thinking have 2 for the pandemic, The old one should be about done by then lol. We use the freezer in the fridge for things that get used often – bags of veggies, bread, ice…. Minimizes the opening of the freezer.

  2. We’re getting good at it…. and discovering things we like but never ate because we always had fresh.