Chicken Thighs, White Wine & Balsamic Vinegar Sauce; old friends — 4 Comments

  1. Oh, my! Bookshelves after my own heart! I have enough packed away right now to fill four of those, I think. I go into the storage area over the garage and sort through the boxes until I find one of my old friends as well, read it again, then tuck it away. I have no room for that many bookshelves anymore after downsizing by 1000 square feet. Oh, I had grand plans! But they don’t always materialize *sigh* Hubs usually gets in the way.

    Did you roll the chicken thighs? They look delicious! Other than that, the onions I didn’t pick last year are growing like weeds even though day before yesterday was the first nice day in weeks. I got a bit of yardwork done, but not enough so tomorrow, I’ll be out there all day. I ordered my vegetable plants, but the ground is way too cold still. They’d all die from shock.

    • My ‘good’ books are in book cases in the dining room lol. I’ve gotten rid of quite a few in the past few years… Books I’ve reread 3 or 4 times and, after the last time, knew I wouldn’t again. I wish I could put them all on my Kindle – but then I wouldn’t be able to look at them so I’m glad I can’t.
      No, I didn’t roll them – that’s just their shape. They do have the bone in.I love Balsamic in almost anything.

  2. I love book shelves full of books…and sadly they are becoming a rarity in homes. I have so many in storage in Melbourne because I too could not face parting from them

    • I would miss my books…. But you can visit when you’re there. It must be rough being in lockdown without them – or at least some of them.