Smoked Salmon and Spinach Risotto; shopping — 6 Comments

  1. I love smoked salmon! Hubs…not so much. I’d be a happy camper if this was my diet right now 😉

    I ended up not going to the store today because after two wonderful days, it poured again today and since I didn’t *need* anything immediately, I opted not to be loading my groceries in the rain. I’ll go maybe early tomorrow morning. I’m still trying to figure out why they set senior hours at 6am. They must think none of us like to sleep at all.

    • I never understood the 6 am bit either. Are they simply punishing us? When my mother hit her 90’s she started going to bed early – 8 pm… but she still wasn’t up and out at 6 am lol

  2. Usually I make my own granola, but if I buy it I find the only one to my taste is from the organic self-service section, and only in certain supermarkets. Simon made our last lot of granola and he asked me to procure some bran flakes. I had to look at him as if he were mad. I might be able to get that sort of stuff in Biocoop, but not in Intermarché, and our nearest Biocoop is further than I wish to go for the weekly shop.

    • We have a biocoop not to far from the LeClerc that I usually go to. I’m going to start going there first. Maybe they;ll have some whole wheat flour. Strange what the shortages are. I didn’t expect the French to start baking bread lol